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An Art Affair

I have done some Xbook photo books in the past years, mainly of my grandchildren and they have been lovely. However I decided I wanted to do something a little bit different this time around, and I collected my favourite artworks into an Xbook. The idea was that I can take it with me when I go overseas to visit family and friends, and show off all my best work, without having to carry all the heavy and bulky items with me. And to top it all off, when you make an Xbook album you also get a link to be able to view your book online, so that’s even better. I can email everyone this link and share it that way too.
Thank you Xbook for such a great product.

From Zelda in VIC
April 2013


A First Timer – But Here To Stay

I got my first Xbook photobook today, and I can’t stop flicking through the pages, it’s unbelieveable… I did this?  Really ? No !, Well , actually yes I did !
I am so proud of myself, and so happy with your software package and your product.
Mainly I am impressed with your service, as I had made a mistake on the cover, basically using a very low resolution image, and your support staff contacted me to let me know of this issue and offered to help fix it. I am aware it is not your responsibility, and that you don’t normally do this sort of thing, and so I really appreciate that you took the time to do it. Together we fixed the cover and made sure the Xbook  I received was truly impressive.
Therefore I felt compelled to write and thank you, so everyone knows how great you guys are.

From Salina in NSW
April 2013


A 50th Event To Remember !

My sister turned 50 recently and we had planned this huge party for her, where the main event of the evening was the Xbook photo album I had prepared of her life’s story.
The entire family helped me, in secret, collect photos and write her letters to go into the book, I worked on it for months, for hours and hours. I am so grateful for all the support I received from  the help desk whenever I rang up or sent an email enquiry. I was also looking for something to make the book a little bit more unique, so the staff at Xbook suggested we make a dedicated presentation box with a stamped heading. I can’t even begin to tell you the excitement of the entire family, and obviously the birthday girl herself, at the sight of the books ( as we had quite a few copies printed). Absolute shock and delight !
I can’t thank you enough for helping to make this an unforgettable event. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you……

From Joan in TAS
March 2013


An Up To Date Nanna

I am a 70 something year old grandmother who is absolutely in love with her children and grandchildren, which drove me to the computer and to Xbook. As you might imagine I am not a big computer whizz, but I managed to work with the Xbook software just fine. After an initial phone conversation from your helpful staff who walked me through some basics.
I wanted to say thank you for opening my eyes to this new world, I am now hooked.
I expect you’ll be receiving many more book orders from me in the near future, as I have 10 grandchildren…..

From Nancy in NSW
March 2013


A Belated Honeymoon Book

My husband and I celebrated our first anniversary this year and I wanted to organise something a little different for the occasion, more than the usual dinner date thing.
A friend recommended I make him an Xbook photo book , I loved the idea and decided to make an album of our honeymoon getaway. WOW – I had such a great time just putting the album together, a real trip down memory lane. It was all so easy and straight forward, no issues whatsoever.
When I presented my gift to my husband it was priceless, his face, his surprise…. Worth every hour spent making the album! And now we have a keepsake that will stay with us for many years to come.
I have already recommended Xbook to a few friends, it’s simply amazing.

From Hannah in NSW
March 2013


An Xbook Fan

I wanted to write and thank you for offering a great product, coupled with good customer service, it's the best fun I've had online !
I have recently received my third Xbook photo book and as usual I was thrilled when the parcel arrived, the product is of such high quality and it always looks better than I imagine it would.
Working with the software, during the preparation of the book, is so easy and lots of fun, the only problem I found is that I can spend hours and hours on it... it's addictive.
You can be sure I'll be back for many more Xbooks

From Kelly in VIC
Feb 2013

Layflat Board Books Are A Hit

I am a professional photographer, doing mostly weddings and family portraits, and since Xbook came out with their new range of lay flat board books I have been over the moon with this and so have my clients.
To be able to offer such a high quality photobook, in such an impressive presentation, for such an affordable price is absolutely amazing. We have been struggling to get a good provider of phtoobooks, one who offers good quality, a good range and at good prices. We have been using Xbook for quite some time now and are very happy. I wonder what you’ll offer us next  ??!!

From Fran in QLD
Feb 2013


A Quick Thank You Note

I am not a man of many words, but I found myself thinking about Xbook again and again and so I decided to write and say a simple THANK YOU. My album is wonderful, it is everything I expected, my entire family loves it.

From Kevin in WA
Feb 2013


Success All Around

I had this idea to do a project at work, where we have our annual party photographed and then made into an Xbook so that we can sell the albums as a fund raiser event. Everyone at work thought it would be complicated and difficult to do. But I proved them wrong! The Xbook staff members were very nice and helpful, they gave me a dedicated quote for a large order, as I was planning on ordering around 100 copies of the book. They helped me proof read it and double check everything before it went into production. It came out superb ! It really sold well and we raised quite a bit of money too !
I really appreciate all your assistance

From Vicky in QLD
Jan 2013

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