Our Features

Features worth knowing about…

Your very own personalised cover just got better

Select from our professional range of designer covers or produce your own.
Now with the flexibility to add images and text as well as move them around.


What do I do with all my photos ?

Xbook them !

Our unique hardcover binding technique allows us to
provide you with a quality product which compliments your
magnificent photos.


Are you a nostalgic person ?

Our special features include black and white effects,
sepia, masking, frames and much more.


Think outside the square !

Use the many and varied templates we offer to design
your layout or change them to suit your needs.
Now our image and text templates simply act as a starting point for you, feel free to move, add, resize and rotate them as you wish.



Not your best side ? 

Simply turn the other cheek.


One of the special design features allows you to flip your photos, right to left and upside down. How clever!

Are you a photography buff ?

To help you display and share your photos,
our photobook albums can house up to 2000 photos per album.

A great moment,

not such great quality ?


Now you can optimize your images, with one click of a button you can brighten, sharpen and even remove red eye.

Even a beautiful photo ,
sometime needs a bit of oomph

Choose from our large range of masks and frames to
add that special touch.

Something worth emphasizing ?
Double spread it.

You know that AMAZING photo you have, your favorite one?
You can give it the attention it deserves only in one of our double spreads.

Put it in writing !

Add text to your beautiful photos to tell the entire story,
use your own words in our range of fonts, colours and sizes.

Alternatively, choose from a selection of suitable quotations or simply copy and paste from ANY external software.