Sharing Xbooks Online

We are proud to be able to offer yu this FREE service - Sharing your Xbook photobooks online !
Posting your Xbook album online so that your family and friends can easily flip through it and enjoy is now as easy as 1-2-3.

1  Log into your Xbook account

2 Find the Xbook you wish to share online ad click on the 'edit button'

3 Tick the appropriate box for sharing online and click on 'update'

 and .... tha'ts it ... it's all done.

You can then use the link that will be displayed in there and share it with your mates or you can log onto the Xbook gallery and view your Xbook.

Share and Win
Remember - Each month we draw a winner from all the Gallery entries - so sharing your book can also win you a free Xbook !