Community & Corporate

Pro offering - Community & Corporate
At Xbook we cater for a wide range of customers, from the private individual to the large corporation.
We are happy to say we offer a specific service for community groups, organisations, companies etc to assist in finalising your Xbook photo album. 
We understand there might be budgets and deadlines that need to be met as well as possibly working with various software packages.
Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs, you'll find we are flexible and aim to please.
you can  email us for additional information or ring us to discuss on 1300 66 88 60 .
If you are a part of a group, a team, an organisation or anything like that ....listen up !
A great year on the footy team, getting to the nationals on the gymnastics squad, saying farewell to a beloved boss, participating in a mazing community projects, corporate fun day,  winning that elusive trophy.... these are only a select few of the many reasons to make an Xbook photo album.
If you would like to create an impressive and memorable photobook as a memento for each and everyone in the group/ team/ office/ organisation  - that's a brilliant idea, and we can assure you our experience tells us it will be a great hit.
Contact us to to discuss how we can assist you, be it for design tips, technical issues, group discounts and alike.