Mac Photobooks and custom Pdf's?

MAC Compatibility and external Custom PDF files

Although mac users cannot download and use the xbook software, you can still take advantage of creating your own photobook using a photo or design program (eg: iPhoto or inDesign), and still have a premium xbook printed by xbook.
There are just some basic instructions you need to follow in order to submit your final photobook to us


1. Create your photobook using your preferred program

- PLEASE ENSURE YOU DO NOT PUT ANY IMAGES AND ESPECIALLY TEXT TOO CLOSE TO THE EDGES AS WE DO NEED TO TRIM THE BOOK. It is best to leave a 5mm margin on all sides of the page where no image features or text appears

- Please provide final PDF as single pages and not double page spreads

- If you are using a graphic program, then please provide PDF with 3mm bleed for the internal pages and 10mm for the cover

- Use A3, A4 or A5 sizes, or if you would like to create a square book, you can either do a small square (200x200mm) or large square (300x300mm)

2. Convert your book into a Hi res PDF - (Preferably CMYK, but not essential)
    Different programs have different methods of converting to a PDF, here is one example below:
        Select file -> print
        A new window will appear
        Click on the PDF button
        Select 'Save as PDF' (see image below)

3. Save this PDF file on your computer

4.Upload your file to us click here

- If you are using iPhoto then please note the following:
    - Large (L) hardcover book is 11 x 8.5" (27.9 x 22cm). This is very similar to the xbook Large (A4) Landscape Hardcover book,
      Therefore, please see Large (A4) Landscape Hardcover pricing for the price we will charge for your photobook
    - Extra Large (XL) hardcover book is 13 x 11" (33 x 27.9cm). This is closest in size to the xbook Large Square Hardcover book,
      Therefore, please see 
Large Square Hardcover pricing for the price we will charge for your photobook

- You can choose to have your book printed with or without the dust cover - the dust cover will cost an extra $25
- Once we have received your file, we will call you to arrange phone payment