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Xbook Changed My Life

I have been making my personal photo book albums with Xbook for a few years now. I absolutely LOVE it and all my family and friends love my books too. They love them so much they have been asking me to help them make their own Xbook albums or even asking me to create a photobook for them. I have been doing this with great joy and so I have decided to start offering my professional services now to create Xbook photobooks for other people, for those who don't have the time or are not that computer savy.
Thank you for a wonderful product and for an opportunity to start a second career.

From Alana  in VIC
January 2013

A Heavenly Honeymoon

I am excited to say I recently got married and we went on the most amazing honeymoon to Bali. As soon as we were back home I was on a mission to create a keepsake of the gorgeous week we had. I searched the web for suitable companies to create my photo album online and I stumbled accross Xbook, I am so glad I did ! The software was easy as, the customer service girls were so helpful and patient with all my questions and the end result... WOW. The Xbook I received definitely did justice to the beautiful photos I had and is something I show off whenever I can. You can be sure there will be many more photo books coming from me.

From Jade NSW
Jan 2013

A Birthday Worth Celebrating

My sister and I worked for months on compiling a  special 100th Birthday celebration book for our nan. 
It was a huge thing to get all the family members to send us photos and write a few words, digging up ancient photos and scanning them etc.
We took forever to finalise the book and when it came to ordering we were runnig a bit late as we planed to present it to her at her party , the one where the entire family was coming to celebrate.
Thankfully the Xbook team helped us out and rushed the job through for us, I can't even begin to describe my nan's reaction to the book. She was so touched by it, and the entire family was so surprised by the end result. we ended up ordering many extra copies, as everyone wanted to hold on to their own copy.  
Thank you for everything !

From Susan in NSW
Jan 2013

My Beautiful Kids

Obviously I am not the one to judge, but I am so lucky to have been blessed with  such beautiful children.
As I am a very "trigger happy" mum, that is camera happy, I constantly photograph the kids. I have been meaning to do something with all these thousands of photos for many years and finally I have found my answer. Xbook photobook!
Thank goodness for the idea of digital photo books, I have been creating books to catch up on years gone by and I am finally caught up, my next book is of current events.
I absolutely adore the little personal library we are creating at home of our own photobooks.

From Hope in TAS
Dec 2012

A True Follower

I have been converted to an Xbook user way back when, what struck me originally was how user friendly the software was and to top that up you are based right here, In Melbourne so it was easy for me to ring up your support and ask for help when I needed it.
I must say that I love your updates, with every software update you offer more and more wonderful options from additional flexible tools to extra special effects to a bigger variety of photobook sizes.
I am truly impressed...
Keep up the good work and I'll keep spreading the word !

From Tia in VIC
Dec 2012

All Good Things.....

I am a self confessed geek, well... kind of ! And when it comes to photography and all that goes along with it I am right up there with the rest of the photo buffs.
I recently discovered Xbook through a friend of mine, when I saw his photobook, the quality of the pages, the amazing colours, the hardcover finish..... I was hooked. That same day I already began working on my own Xbook album.
I found the software simple and straight forward, I love having the flexibility to use your stuff or do my own thing completely and I appreciated being kept informed on the progress of my book throughout the entire process. Once I received my book I was so happy to finally hold it in my hands... my first book.
You can be sure it won't be my last !

From Tom in QLD
Nov 2012


What a Surprise

For my 50th birthday my daughter handed me a gift voucher, an Xbook gift voucher. I had never heard of Xbook before, I had never heard of photobooks before. She took me to the computer and showed me what , who, how.

I was so excited, I get to create my own professional album, my way, at my pace.
It took me a while to get the hang of things,  but thanks to your lovely call centre ladies I managed to do everything I wanted to do.
Thank you for a great product accompanied by even greater service. That's something you don't see much of these days.
I am absolutely in love with my Xbook.

From Pat in QLD
Nov 2012

A Lifetime of Work

I have been slaving away, working on a surprise Xbook photo book for my father. He is a designer and a bit of an artist. I decided that as a special gift to him I would collate some of his best , most loved work into a photo album portfolio, more so for a keepsake than anything else.
I was very happy with the release of your new Maxi size photobook as it is perfect for my needs on this specific project.
I love how you always offer new things, more options and extra designs.
Needless to say the book was a great hit with my father and the rest of the family.

From Chandra WA
Nov 2012

Goodbye For Now

I work at a large corporate firm, and we recently had a work mate retire after 20 years with the company. One of the office staff members suggested we prepare an Xbook photobook as a farewell present.
At first I was not sure about the idea, will it be enough ?
It was a team effort, we all pitched in and provided photos from various company events and parties, we all wrote him some nice farewell words. 
With the help of your support team we ordered a special leather bound book with gold engraved text in an impressive matching presentation box.
When the time came to present our mate with the photobook he was left speachless, and I can assure you that hardly ever happens.
So thank you for everything and I am sure this won't be the last time we use your services.
Until we meet again......

From Jason in SA
Oct 2012

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