Design Tips

A few helpful software design tips

Many of the phone calls and emails we receive relate to assistance with design tips.

Obviously when you are putting all YOUR time and effort into creating your own photo album you want it to be perfect - you want it to have a personal touch but still have that professional look and feel. 
That's exactly why we have created this section - to share a few little tricks we've picked up along the way and help you make your Xbook photo album that extra special.

1) If you want to get creative, you need to get in creative mode - to do this, go to the top left of your screen (in the Xbook software), then click 'view' -> 'creative mode' and make sure the bok is ticked.


2) Ensure that the bleed if fully covered:
If you don't ensure your images are covering the bleed, there is a chance you will get a white border, so try and avoid this. We will also try keep an eye on this for you, but it's best to keep the below image in mind while designing your photobook.

3) You have the option of adding text on your book cover - Give it a title, give it a name, give it a date. Add as much or as little text as you wish.
Not only will it enhance the cover, but it will tell a story.

Use one of our background images or use your own - the choice is yours!


4) Personalise your pages... Use your own images to create a background (or you can use one of xbook's predesigned gallery backgrounds).