Photography Books

Photography Books

'Photo books are the way of the future,' says a leading archivist at a Sydney photography school. 'Not only are they a way of protecting your photos, the element of customization is a fantastic new resource which means that you can create professional looking memory books for your home, office or school,' he says. 'There is simply no way for your treasured photos to decay, fade or decompose, the way old photos do.'

'Memory books are on trend,' says a leading trends expert. 'Nobody wants just any old product anymore. If you have just had a wonderful lavish wedding, why wouldn't you want to customize the memories of the big day by turning your photos into a photo book especially designed to capture the best moments of your big day?' he says. 'I have a lot clients getting memory books made for all the big occasions – everything from baby's first year, to graduations, to seventieth birthday celebrations!'

Photo Book

Photo books take photo albums to the next level by personalizing the look and feel of a traditional photo album and customizing into a professionally produced coffee table book for your keepsakes.

'It's all about customization,' says a Sydney interior designer. 'Many of my major clients now have coffee table books as focal objects in a room celebrating their wedding, their first child or even a major holiday that they took, such as a honeymoon,' she says. 'It's a fantastic, personalized touch to your home.'

'Photo books are becoming really popular as well among young people,' says the editor of a teen magazine. 'Many girls are wanting to capture the night of their formal – from the preparations at home, to the limo arriving to pick everyone up – to the fun of the night,' she says. 'Given how many young people have camera-phones, it makes sense for them to have a beautiful memory book made out of the night.'

These customized memory books can be made for your own home, or to give to friends and loved ones as gifts to be cherished forever.

Photography Books

'We plan to give our daughter a special edition photo book of our wedding day when she's old enough,' says a Sydney father. 'We want to be able to hand down a special keepsake to her so that she can have our special moment as part of her life when she grows older.'

The tradition of photo albums has long been a time-consuming one, with months sometimes spent on compiling a memory book project such as a wedding photo album. Now it's so easy with Xbook. Simply upload your photos onto the website and the hard work is done.

'We just got back from our honeymoon,' says a Sydney bride. 'We wanted a photo book that incorporated all elements of our wedding – from the engagement night, to the big day, to our honeymoon. We simply chose our favourite photos of all the events and decided to put them together into a memory book to give to family and friends. That way we can all celebrate the memories together.'

Another popular way to utilize the trend for memory books is capturing your baby's first year in a beautiful customized photo book. Imagine seeing your beautiful baby's face on the front cover of your own book?

It's now easier than ever, thanks to digital photography. If you have captured thousands of photos of your baby's first year, then you'll have more than enough resources to draw on to create a customized memory book. The hard part will be choosing which ones you put in.

You might want to capture their physical development – from the first lock of hair they sported, to the growth of a front tooth. Maybe you even have a photo of them speaking their first word or taking their first step. How wonderful would it be to have that image kept for posterity in a memory book?

'Our parents and in-laws live overseas,' says a Sydney-based mother. 'They couldn't be here to witness the development of our baby. So we wanted to chronicle it for them and had a beautiful photo book created for them on our son's first birthday. We had four made and sent it to each grandparent to have and treasure forever. It's something so special that you just can't buy anywhere else. Knowing that we helped design it made it extra-special,' she says.

Commemorating a special event is no longer a huge process in sorting through the photos you have. Simply choose the ones you want to use and send them to Xbook. You can work with one of their designers to bring your memory book to fruition or you may have ideas of your own. The photo book you create will be completely personalized and a treasured memory for generations to come.