Baby Memory Books

Baby Memory Books

Digital photography makes it so easy to capture your baby’s first special moments.

‘It is estimated that new parents can take up to 2,000 photos of their baby in the first year,’ says a Sydney-based childhood photography expert.

If you have thousands of photos at home of your baby’s first moments, you may want to consider creating a baby memory book.Baby Memory Book
‘Scrapbooking has also been a huge trend,’ says the photography expert. ‘It’s a great way to capture everything your child does and recall every moment you loved along the way in the first few years,’ he says.

Baby memory books can be created to be given to family and friends, and even to give to your child as they get older. It is a special way to keep track of memories and create a lasting artwork of your child’s development and growth.

Remember the era of the big, glossy photo album? The photo albums sit, and still do, in many cupboards and shelves, untouched. We have progressed since the days of sticky ridges, protective plastic coating, and adhesive glue to keep our photos in place. Even more traditional photography such as wedding photography has moved into the digital age.

‘The problem with old-fashioned photo albums is that the quality of the photo erodes and may become lost forever,’ says a film archivist who works with photos.

‘With digital photography, the files can be kept in soft copy forever, and there is now less of a need to have a photo printed individually to be stuck in a physical album with adhesives that may ruin the photo in the long run,’ he says.

‘If you have loads of photos on file, you may want to consider taking them to an expert to be used in a creative environment and get the photos used to their maximum potential,’ he recommends.

‘While our generation still remembers the big ring-binder photo album, the next generation won’t even know what we’re talking about,’ he says. ‘Photo albums in the do-it-yourself style are about to go the way of the dinosaur, if they haven’t already,’ he says.

Baby Memory Book

‘With everyone using digital cameras, even on their phones, you can be in just the right place at the right time to collect fantastic snapshots of your baby at just the right time.’

The answer is simple. With new technology, you can have a personalised photo album that expresses who you are and what you want. And capturing the wonder of your child’s first year of life has never been so easy, or looked so effective when brought together in a baby memory book.

Photo albums can be produced at the touch of a button, and with the minimum of fuss. They can be produced not only to your taste and style, but also to your budget.

Imagine producing a beautiful baby memory book. Is it just for you or will you produce one for each set of grandparents as well?

There are no limitations in producing a baby memory book with Xbook. Toys, blankets and clothes won’t last forever as reminders of your child’s growth. A baby memory book will last a lifetime and can be given as a thoughtful gift to family members.


Choose the design of your book, and make the selection of photos. Have a great snap of your baby playing with food? Or hugging their favourite stuffed toy? You may want to consider this extra-cute image for the cover of your photo book.

Baby memory books can be produced in a range of sizes.

‘I’ve seen mothers carrying smaller versions or ‘brag books’ of their children,’ says a childcare worker. ‘They fit into a handbag and can easily be on hand to show to and friends they bump into, or just a reminder of their bub,’ she says.

Coffee-table sized memory books are the perfect size for home, but baby memory books can also be made in a smaller size for ease of transportation.

First birthday images are also a wonderful inclusion. Snaps with their grandparents will be treasured too in a baby memory book.

Baby memory books are not only wonderful keepsakes but are a practical alternative to old-fashioned photo albums. Simply upload your files to Xbook and they can help you make the selection of images to be used in the baby memory book. They can also help you consider the design of your book if your strength isn’t in design.

Do you want to have a traditional, classic feel to your book? You may want to consider using only black-and-white photography. But perhaps bright, fun colours better represent your child’s first moments.

Whatever you need, Xbook has the expertise to help you design the best product possible for one of the most important documents you may ever produce – your baby memory book.