Baby Photobooks & Albums

Baby Photobooks & Albums

‘Creating a baby album is now easier than ever,’ says a Melbourne-based photographer. ‘In fact, if you have thousands of photos on file, you can create a beautiful baby album to last a lifetime, without even leaving home,’ she says.

Have you snapped thousands of photos of your new baby? Perhaps you have captured some candid moments perfect for a photobook – baby’s first yawn, baby’s first smile and even baby’s first drool. You can now compile all these treasured memories in a simple and easy method to create a baby album of memories.

Baby Photo Album

You don’t have to be a professional photographer, or even a designer to produce a photobook of your baby’s most memorable moments. With digital photography and companies like Xbook, it’s easier than ever to produce valued keepsakes, whatever your budget.

Baby albums are all the rage,’ says a trends expert. ‘Photobooks are much more up-to-date, beautiful products that can be kept on the shelf or coffee table and last a lifetime,’ he says.

‘I’ve seen a definite trend towards personalising baby albums with touches of your baby’s character, combined with a parents’ design sensibility,’ he says. ‘These albums can be created just for you or to give to family and loved ones as a keepsake of your baby’s development.’

Don’t be daunted by the array of choices in producing a baby album. Don’t worry about finicky processes such as hand-scrapbooking, which may damage your photos and destroy the look that you want.

‘Why not use the best material available to you?’ says a leading Sydney designer who uses photography in her artworks. ‘Digital photography is here to stay, so why would you go ‘old-school’ – backwards rather than forwards?’ she says. ‘Digital photographs are easily transferable and can be sent via email to a designer to produce a beautiful, long-lasting treasury of memories in the form of a photobook.’

You are no longer at the whim of trends and designs that appear in-store. There’s no more mess and fuss, cutting photos to fit, choosing accompanying images to create your baby album. You can choose a design online or work with a designer with Xbook to create the baby album of your dreams – one that matches both yours and your baby’s personality.

‘Everyone remembers the era of Anne Geddes,’ confides the owner of a Sydney stationery store. ‘You couldn’t get away from the candid cute shots of babies dressed as bees, or as flowers,’ he says. ‘You can take those ideas however now and make them your own. If you want to create your own theme for a baby album, then it’s easy if you own a digital camera and have a bit of time to spend setting up some shots,’ he recommends.

Working this way means you never have to leave the comfort of home. Browse online for other’s ideas and take the best ones with you for your special photobook.

Baby albums can be customized not only to your design, but your own budget too. There are hundreds of expensive courses in scrapbooking that can teach you how to do this, and then there’s the cost too of materials. But creating a baby album with Xbook takes away all of this cost, leaving valued options for parents looking to create keepsakes.

Baby albums usually contain photos of your baby, but did you know that you can personalize it with other touches? Have you ever considered taking photos of objects that surround your baby? What about a shot of your baby’s favourite teddy bear? What about a picture of the day you put together your baby’s cot from scratch? These memories help build the story of your baby, and they may not always be the images you recall in the future.

Maybe try taking some shots around the home. A particularly messy outing in the high chair, or a picture of a selection of your baby’s favourite books – all of these images can be used to fill a photobook with images from your baby’s childhood.

If you have grandparents, or friends that aren’t nearby, you can give them a window into your baby’s life from you, the parents’ perspective. The story of your child is a unique one and so too should be the baby album you create.

Baby Photo Album

‘When creating a baby album, my husband and I decided that we’d create one for all the family that live overseas. It’s so much more personal sending a photobook of our beautiful baby than just sending pictures on a generic email,’ says a Melbourne mother.

‘We had quite a few made. I recommend having a few made for yourself, so that you can also give your child one in the years to come. We think it will be a beautiful book to give our child on their twenty-first birthday,’ she says.

These images, compiled in a baby album from Xbook, will create wonderful memories of a lifetime.