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Memory Books & Photography Books

Photography books are a dime a dozen. But imagine one completely personalized for you? What about celebrating a wonderful holiday that you just returned from? Or compiling shots of your child’s graduation? This can easily be achieved by utilise Xbook software to edit your photos and having a photography book created especially for you.

Memory Book


‘We just returned from the most amazing holiday all around South America,’ says Sarah, a 22-year-old backpacker. ‘We absolutely loved it, but when we got home the last thing we felt like doing was organizing six months’ worth of photos. And sending them to various people was going to be a burden,’ she says. ‘We decided instead to create a memory book – we created one for us and then also had some extras made to give to friends and family.’

Many people are turning now to creating a photography book of a special moment in time to keep as a treasured possession – and to give to friends and family.

‘It absolutely made sense to create a memory book of our son’s graduation,’ says a Brisbane mother. ‘Our family are spread out all over the world, and the older generation don’t really use email or have access to the internet,’ she says. ‘We wanted to capture the memory in a beautifully bound book for our son to treasure, and also for our family to keep on hand. It was such a wonderful occasion and we were able to incorporate photographs not only of the big day, but also of my son’s study journey over the past few years. Of course, the pictures of him in his academic dress shall be cherished forever and will last forever being bound into a photobook,’ she says. ‘Unlike my graduation photos, which are over thirty years old and have practically disintegrated from years of being stowed in an old-fashioned photo album.’

These old-fashioned albums are truly a thing of the past, says a leading photo archivist. ‘I work all day long with photos and the truth is that your photos won’t last if they are attached to an adhesive backing and covered with plastic,’ she says.

Creating memory books are a way to personalize a book completely to your design specifications, using the photos that you want to be included. ‘Photography books are huge right now,’ says a leading trends expert. ‘People are having them made to celebrate everything: from cataloguing baby’s first year, to commemorating a trip of a lifetime, to capturing moments from study – anything you want to keep for future generations, really! Scrapbooking ideas can be incorporated too into designing your memory book. The design elements can really pull together a photobook and make it look so professional,’ he confides.

The trend in scrapbooking and montaging has exploded in the last few years, and personalized photobooks created professionally takes this trend to the next level. Xbook is the place to head for personalized service and first grade design suggestions.

‘You don’t have to be creative at all,’ says a memory book enthusiast. ‘You don’t have to know what you want. All you need are your photos and a general idea of what you want captured to create a photobook that you will keep forever.’ see our design tips

What about personalising an event like your sports team winning the coveted trophy? You can capture all the images from the season, and on trophy night, imagine handing out a memory book for team members along with trophies, pennants and other keepsakes?

‘I coach a local netball team,’ says a Melbourne mother. ‘At awards night, I had some photobooks created for the team captains,’ she says. ‘The girls were more excited about being included in a memory book than winning the grand final!’ she laughs. ‘The photobook is not only a great way for the club to have a memento, but also the players.’

Commemorating a major event is so easy with a Xbook photobook. A customised book of your own experiences or journey are wonderful treasures for you and your family that will be valued over the years to come

‘We recently had a memory book made of our father’s sixtieth birthday celebrations,’ says Tony, 24. ‘Dad absolutely loved the photobook we presented to him after the bash. We simply selected the photos we wanted to use, worked with the design templates the XBook software offers and uploaded them to Xbook,’ he says. ‘We were able to present Dad with a beautiful coffee-table book edition for him to keep at home and we also had some smaller editions made for other family and friends to remember the special occasion by.’

Memory Book


Anyone contemplating collecting photos for the long-term should consider gathering them into a custom-made memory book. There is no chance that photo quality will be lost, meaning you will be able to enjoy the moments and memories forever.