Photography Books & Photo Albums

Photography books & Photo Albums

Memories are precious things, and in the digital age, sometimes it’s hard to recall the times of days gone by. Remember your parents’ and grandparents’ photo albums? Their albums usually were bursting at the seams with memories of bygone days and the feeling of a photo album’s ridged curves, adhesive pages, and plastic slips are almost a thing of the past. As children, teenagers and adults, we love nothing more than returning to these photos, recalling our past and reminiscing about the ‘good old days’. But what about our children? What images will they be readily able to recall? Does the photography book have a place in the modern age?

Of course it does, says a Sydney-based artist who uses photography prominently in her work. “With technology in the digital age making the art form of photography so easy, it really is a case of point, click, shoot and download,” she says.

Today’s memories can be so easily captured in a moment with a relatively inexpensive camera and a computer. You don’t even need to be an expert to take a photo. Just upload them and send them to Xbook. Many major events today such as weddings, birthdays and graduations are captured not by professional photographers, but by friends with willing to take digital photos with cameras. The more advanced among us may go even further by turning a photo into an art piece.

Photo Album & Photography Books


But although the ease of technology now allows us to take photos anywhere, anytime, the culture of photography has become disposable. While email is easy, and files can be recalled on computer, what makes photography truly special? Photography books in hard copy are making fashionable returns.


There is now a trend back to photos in print form, says a Sydney-based interior designer. “I’m working with photos all the time now in designing my homes for clients,” she says. “There is a real trend back to beautiful objects that say a lot about a home-owner, like coffee table books and personalized objects like pieces of art and even photos.”

While a book collection can say so much about a person, it is hard to beat an incredibly personalized product like a custom-made photo album. “Today my clients are using their photos in many different ways,” says the designer, who has many clients asking for a more personal touch with their interior design specifications. “They are using their photos on canvases to hang on walls, or incorporating digital photo frames which they are situating throughout their homes. It really is a case of the work being so easily available and affordable that is inspiring people to use their own art.”

Photography books from Xbook also make wonderful keepsakes for treasured family memories. Photos are so readily available today given the digital world we live in, but it’s extra-special to have a gorgeous photography book, as a reminder of that special occasion, be it a wedding, a holiday, or just memories of special times with friends and families.
Photo books & Photo Album

A leading expert in style and living predicts “photo albums will make a comeback, and will be used as stunning coffee table books in the homes of the future”.


Whether it is nostalgia for an only recently-bygone era, or the trend back towards beautiful, tactile products, there is no doubt that digital photography transferred onto different mediums is one of the most easily accessibly art forms today.

How many times have you been at a friend’s place and noticed their beautiful photo album on their coffee table? There’s a lovely old-fashioned feeling about holding a photo album and being able to turn the pages. Photography comes so easily to us today, even if we don’t think we’re good photographers or haven’t been technically trained.

A book of photos can easily be produced by downloading images from your camera straight onto your computer to be printed off professionally at a photography store, or in your own home with the right equipment. In the hands of an expert, the resulting photo album can be a true work of art and absolutely stunning.

In today’s world, the photo album is seen less and less, which is why it’s so important to keep hardcopies of our favourite times. Photos are wonderful keepsakes of those precious moments in life: your child’s development, birthdays and special moments; big events like marriages, graduations and recalling those special times with friends and loved ones.


We all have thousands of photos on our computer hard drives, but how often do you take the time to look over them and reminisce? And even if you’re on the computer all the time, how often do you stop to look through your photos?

Coffee table books say so much about a person and a household, so imagine how special a personalized coffee table book of your own would look in your home? Imagine a visitor opening the front cover of your gorgeously bound hardback book from Xbook to discover that the book is in fact about you.