Memento & Scrapbooking Albums

Memento & Scrapbooking Albums

‘Scrapbooking albums have taken the design and craft world by storm in the last few years,’ says a Sydney-based designer and artist. ‘Scrapbooking has become a serious industry – with retail outlets providing supplies for enthusiasts, guides being written and importantly, experts and online sites able to help you produce a stunningly unique baby photo album, photo album or wedding photo album,’ she says.

‘The only place to look for your next baby photo album or wedding photo album is Xbook,’ she says, providing a little insider knowledge.

The Xbook online site at is the perfect place to start in order to save your special photographic mementos. Scrapbooking albums are indeed about striking the right chord – choosing a design theme for your photo album - sourcing the right photos and images from your own wealth of photo albums, and then putting it altogether.

But how do you create such a wonderful photo album or scrapbook on your own, without the tools? Professional scrapbookers often spend months or even years on a single project, and if you don’t have the right training, the result can be a less than favourable scrapbook or photo album.

There are so many considerations when tackling a scrapbooking project. For example, what colour scheme will best accent the photos to go into my baby photo album? Are whites, creams and beiges always best for a wedding photo album? For a classic look, you might just want to use black and white photos for your scrapbook design.

Choosing the paper can also throw up many options. There are many methodologies including paper crafting, paper designing, distressing, layering and piercing. Many of these effects can take years to perfect and instead of focusing on best highlighting your photography, you can become bogged down in the process.

Xbook can take the stress out of creating the perfect scrapbooking album by bringing it all online. Digital technology is a wonderful way to create lasting memories in the form of a digital scrapbook, baby photo album or wedding photo album. These can then easily be converted by Xbook’s great products to become your perfect printed and bound photo album.

Framing is another query that scrapbookers need to consider. How to best frame your photo and mementos? What to highlight? Do you want to profile close-ups of your baby’s face throughout the baby photo album, or distance photographs from your wedding photo album?

Arm yourself with the best knowledge and ask family and friends if they have a scrapbook themselves. Chances are one of them may even be a scrapbooker! Ask them what they love most about their scrapbook album design. Is it the overall theme? Is it the creative design and placement of the photos? Is it the wonderful mementos and keepsake element that they cherish?

Suggestions for a baby photo album include capturing their first year – do you have photos of their first step, their first word or their first smile? You will want to collect these great photos for posterity and have them bound in a beautiful keepsake book of memories that you design and build yourself with Xbook.

You may also want to consider a montage of images for a photo album cover such as a wedding photo album where you ask friends and family who’ve taken digital photos of the event to provide you with extra images to add the special edge to your wonderful wedding day.

These kinds of candid photos make brilliant additions to any photo album and can spice up not only a wedding photo album, but also any scrapbooking photo album. “I encourage my clients to have friends take photos of their wedding day just as I do,’ advises a leading Australian wedding photographer. ‘Of course, I work with set scenes and have certain ideas for the bride and groom,’ he says. ‘But I can’t take the candid, fun, behind-the-scenes shots which are essential in building a full ‘picture’ of a couples’ wedding photo album,’ he says.

In scrapbooking, there really is no limit to the imagination in what kind of scrapbooking album you want produced. You will be assured of a unique product that has your flavour stamped all over it when you use the great range from Xbook.

Xbook can help you to produce the perfect scrapbooking album and you can also work with theur helpful online designer for great design suggestions. Scrapbooking albums can incorporate photos for other uses as well, including pages for guest lists, recipes and other personalized touches.

Photobooks, scrapbooks, wedding photo albums or baby photo albums can be produced with any design or budget in mind. You can produce a copy for yourself or have many produced to share amongst family and friends. Imagine the delight in the grandparents’ eyes when they’re given a unique baby photo album of their grandchild. Or the special thought when both bride and grooms’ parents receive a personalized scrapbook reminder of their children’s special day from their wedding photo album.