Wedding Albums & Photobooks

Wedding Albums & Photobooks

‘We just had our wedding day memories transformed in to a stunning wedding photo album,’ says a Sydney-based new bride. ‘It was almost too easy,’ she says. ‘We hired a professional photographer to take all our formal and group photos, and we also had our friends take candid snaps of the ‘big day’ to send to us,’ she says.

‘From that point, after we’d gathered all the photos – both formal and non-formal, we decided to create a photobook to hold our memories of the wedding day,’ she says.

Photobooks are becoming an increasingly popular way to document a wedding – right through from images from an engagement party to the final glass of champagne toasted on the wedding night. It’s so easy to compile a beautiful, customized wedding photo album for you, and your friends and family. 

Wedding Photo Album


‘We had friends and family that couldn’t make our wedding,’ says the Sydney-based groom. ‘We decided to have a few photobooks produced so we could send a beautiful keepsake of the big day,’ he says.

‘The book is there for posterity, and it was so much more personal than sending a generic email with huge photo attachments that crash everyone’s computers,’ he says.

Those considering documenting the big day may want to create a photobook to have as a memory of your special wedding. Not only is it easy to do – you can create your own look and feel of the photobook and have it completely personalized according to your design tastes and the flavour of the wedding day.

Wedding photo albums in big ring binders – the ones our parents had – are definitely a thing of the past,’ says a leading Sydney-based wedding photographer.

‘When working with clients, I suggest a range of formal and more natural shots. There is simply no better way to present this than to create a photobook keepsake of your wedding,’ she says. ‘I recommend it to all my clients. Xbook can do this for you,’ she says.

‘It’s so easy to do with the Xbook software and the flexibility it offers, simply download the free software from the Xbook website, and you can even enlist the services of a designer if you’re not particularly creative,’ says a recent bride who has created a photobook.

‘Originally, we just wanted a few photobooks to be distributed among our parents and in-laws,’ she says. ‘But when we saw the design of the wedding photo album, we decided to have more made to give as keepsakes to friends and family who were part of our special day,’ she says. ‘We also want to be able to give some to our children in future,’ she says.

Remember looking back through your parents’ wedding photo albums? Remember the deckled adhesive pages, the adhesive glue and the protective plastic sheeting? Have you ever tried to peel a photo that has been in an album for more than twenty years? 

Wedding Photo Album

‘It’s virtually an impossible task,’ says a professional archivist. ‘Photos can easily be ruined by putting them into these old-fashioned albums. Although they may look beautiful when you first load them in there, the truth is that within a few years, you are at risk of losing your treasured images, as the photos on the card decompose, and the protective plastic coating begins to meld with the photo itself,’ he says.

Don’t leave your wedding photo album to chance. Creating a lasting photobook is a great way to keep the treasured memories alive. They can be created with Xbook to an any style, size or production quality. You simply choose the look and feel of the book, and the photo book is as good as done.

‘It really took the stress out of creating a wedding photo album,’ says a Sydney-based bride. ‘We knew that we didn’t have the time or the creative skill to create one of our own,’ she admits. ‘We were a bit daunted. We also wanted them to be made straight after the wedding. Our photobook with Xbook was made very quickly and we were able to give the photobooks to family and friends soon after our wedding, which was really important to us,’ she says.

‘I always loved looking back through my own mother and grandmother’s wedding photo albums,’ she says. ‘So when it came to my wedding, I wanted to be sure I had a beautiful product to give to my children one day. A photobook is the perfect keepsake. And who knows, one day I might have a daughter that will be inspired by it, just as I was.’

Whether you’re interested in creating just one, or one hundred wedding photo albums, consider Xbook. Creating a wedding photo album is as easy as downloading the free Xbook photobook software and begining to design your own wedding album.